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GCTE Teacher of the Year

GCTE encourages you to nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the GCTE Teacher of the Year awards to be given at the annual conference in February. Awards are given to teachers at the elementary, middle, secondary, and college levels. Please use the form below as a guide, and submit your application package as a .pdf file according to the instructions below.

GCTE Teacher of the Year Award Application

Applicant’s Name___________________________ School __________________________

Home address __________________________ School Address ________________________

____________________________ ________________________

Phone (home) _______________________ (school) ______________________


Email _________________________________________________________________

Level of Instruction (circle one) K-5 6-8 9-12 College Current GCTE Member (circle) Yes No

Please indicate if you will or will not be willing to have your “Best Practices Narrative” for this application submitted to Connections, the GCTE professional journal, for publication upon acceptance by its editorial board.

______ Yes, I want my Best Practices article (#3 below) to be submitted for publication consideration to Connections.

______ No, I do not want my Best Practices article to be submitted for publication consideration to Connections.

Applicant Package

All applicants must submit an information package to GCTE by January 31, 2017, in order to be considered for GCTE’s 2017 Teacher of the Year in one of these categories: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), Secondary (9-12), or College. This information should be submitted as an electronic .pdf attachment to Brenda Logan (

1. A narrative explaining your philosophy and approach to teaching English/Language Arts (1 page, single-spaced)

2. A narrative that explains a typical day in your classroom as well as how you address your language arts curriculum throughout a school year (1 page, single-spaced)

3. An expository article of two lessons that you currently use in your classroom which incorporates best teaching practices with no more than two pages for your article and no more than two additional pages for artifacts (including pictures) that support these specific lessons (no more than 4 pages)

4. Write a response to two of the following questions (2 pages, single-spaced):

a. Relate an experience in your career as a teacher that epitomizes what teaching is all about to you.

b. How would you define the term “21st century literacy” within your classroom? What do you believe your students will need to be successful communicators five, ten, or even fifteen years from now?

c. What project or performance task have you created that encourages students to achieve at a higher level?

d. What do you think is a crucial issue affecting English/Language arts education today? How would you respond to this issue, and what would you do to inform others of its importance?

e. How has your personal involvement in community service influenced your practice in the classroom, your local community, and beyond?

f. What has been your greatest contribution to your students?

5. Two letters of support (from a colleague, supervisor, administrator, parent, or student) (2 pages)

The applicant package should be no longer than 10 pages, excluding this award application page. Please convert your documents to a single .pdf file and email the file as an attachment to Brenda Logan ( Please include “GCTE TOY application” and your name in the subject line of the email.

*No nomination for the award is required; please pass on this application to a deserving colleague or submit an application for yourself. If you wish to nominate another teacher, GCTE will contact the nominee and request materials. Send your nomination to Dr. Brenda Logan (

2017 Award Winner
Dr. Amber M. Simmons, Brookwood HS

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